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Join a committee and share your ideas for ministry in a welcoming, informal environment. We meet together on "Committee Night" - the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. You are welcome to come any time and participate.

committee night

Church Council is comprised of officers and the chairs of each of the following committees. For a current list of Church Council members, click here.

Communications and Publicity

The Communications and Publicity Committee is responsible for maintaining the church website, All articles and news items are sent to our website manager and included on the site is a monthly newsletter called "The Commentary." The church office mails paper versions of this newsletter around the first of every month, to those members and friends who do not have email addresses. This committee is also responsible for promotional materials and advertising. In addition, we work with the office staff to update listings in telephone and web directories, the church brochure, and to print flyers for special church events.

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Education Committee

The Christian Education Committee works closely with the Worship Committee and the pastor. Members of this committee have several responsibilities around education of all members, especially the youth of our church, including:

- guiding the Sunday school curriculum
- services for Youth Sunday & Christmas pageants
- confirmation & graduation services and coffee hour receptions
- teaching or leading Sunday school programs of classes for K-12 and adults
- college scholarship committee
- extra youth activities for fundraising and fellowship
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Fellowship Committee

We concentrate on planning fellowship situations for members to get together and enjoy each other’s company! There is usually food involved which we have found is the best way to get the congregation involved! Events that we have presented in the past are: Harvest Dinner (pre-thanksgiving meal); Mexican Fiesta, Luau Luncheon, Lunch in a Jiffy, Epiphany Party, Easter Breakfast, Picnic in the Park. If you have a knack for decorating and planning a party, this is the Committee for you!
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Finance Committee

The finance committee consists of the vice-moderator, the treasurer, the financial secretary, and a member of the stewardship committee. It's responsibilities shall include but not be limited: coordinating all Standing and Ad Hoc committees which handle the Church's investments, consulting all committees in the preparation of the Church Budget for the ensuing fiscal year, developing and presenting a proposed church budget to the congregation for congregational approval and adoption at the annual meeting, and developing the Church's finances.
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Member Caring Committee

Member Caring is exactly what our title suggests: Caring for Members, particularly those in need. The primary caring efforts take the form of providing meals for families experiencing loss or illness and providing rides for members who may be unable to drive to appointments. We don't limit our efforts to these two activities and welcome all volunteers and suggestions of other areas where we may be of help.
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Memorial Committee

The Memorial Committee responsibilities: after the affected families send their acknowledgements, they will deliver the money and envelopes to the church/committee. Upon receipt, an account will then be entered for the deceased with names and amounts for the memorial, acknowledgements will be sent from the church and the checks/cash will be deposited in the account at Chelsea State Bank. The committee will consult with the family regarding if there is a specific area they would like the funds to be used and/or will offer suggestions if requested. These monies will be disbursed with the approval of the Finance Committee and the Church Council. An annual accounting of the income and disbursements will be made for the Annual Reports.
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Missions and Outreach Committee

"As you do for others, you do for me"

Our missions committee is charged to develop mission and outreach attitude and awareness among our membership, to publicize and execute various mission and outreach activities locally and globally, and to explore new avenues for service. As Christians we have been commissioned by Jesus to take care of our fellow man.

Throughout the year we contribute to four offerings through Church World Service and United Church of Christ. These are Neighbors in Need, One Great Hour of Sharing, Blankets+, and the Christmas Fund. We also participate in CROP Walk with walkers and donations. Our Sunday School children raise money for the Heifer Project and decide which animals to buy. We give non-perishable food and personal hygiene products to Faith in Action monthly. We also adopt a family at Christmas time, giving gifts and food. We serve either a lunch or a dinner on one Sunday each month at the Jackson Interfaith Shelter*. At Christmas we donate socks, mittens, hats, scarves, and knitted or crocheted blankets, many of which were made by our Women's Prayer Group. We sponsor a Foster Child in Guatemala through ChildFund. We support United Hearts Children Center in Ghana. Our annual mission trips provide opportunity for us to rebuild homes devastated by natural disasters and poverty. We have gone to Middleburgh, New York (2013, 2012); Nashville, Tennessee (2011); New Orleans, Louisiana (2009, 2010); and Neon, Kentucky (2005, 2006, 2007). Through these programs and more, we minister to others as we are commissioned to do.

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Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee’s responsibilities include overseeing the development and utilization of the church’s financial, human, and physical resources. Its duties include soliciting, and acknowledging endowments. One member serves on the Finance Committee, which handles investment of funds, including the Endowment Fund.  Stewardship is also responsible for developing and implementing a plan to encourage giving, through pledges or “statements of contribution.” In the past, members of this committee have used creative ideas, skits, and memorable personal testimonials to bolster support for the church’s programs. This committee is the perfect place for a creative person to help promote the giving of our time, talents and treasures.
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Worship Committee

The Worship Committee gives support to the pastor in the planning of services throughout the church year. During the special church seasons such as Lent and Advent, the Worship Committee may plan special services or elements of the regular services that enhance the service and reflection of the season. The committee, which includes the minister and the music director, brainstorm on many different aspects of services including music, decorations, special prayers, etc. It often coordinates with other committees such as Christian Education and Mission & Outreach. The Altar Guild keeps our sanctuary beautiful and reverent with tasks that include decorating, maintaining the candles, hanging the banners, changing the altar vestments and setting up for Communion Sunday.
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