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The Faith of Our Ancestors
The First Congregational Church was organized on February 1, 1849, with 16 charter members, and was known as the First Congregational Church of Sylvan.  In 1851 worship services were held in a schoolhouse at Pierceville.  During the summer of 1852 a newly constructed church building was dedicated on the church’s present site, and a few years later the name was changed to First Congregational Church of Chelsea.  This was the only church in the village for eight years.

In 1871 the church was remodeled and enlarged, and because it now housed one of the two heated basements in the village, the church was almost constantly used for community social gatherings and village meetings.  Consequently, the village council voted to erect the first lamppost outside of the village’s business district in front of the church.

On February 18, 1894, the church building was destroyed by fire, so a new one was constructed.  On January 31, 1895, dedicatory services were held for the new building.   A plaque by the front door  designates the building as an historic structure.

The Congregation voted on December 5, 1960 to become a member of the United Church of Christ.  For more on the UCC, visit www.ucc.org.